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AUSSTELLUNG Christine Miess

Vernissage am 07.05.2019 19-21 Uhr

Dauer: 08.05 – 28.05

TITLE: Lines Blurring

Time Collapsing – Lines Blurring – Truth Dawning
A Trilogy

Multiple exposures on 35 mm film

Lines Blurring is the second part of the trilogy Time Collapsing – Lines Blurring – Truth Dawning. Within this trilogy land- and cityscapes melt into each other and bewitch with a haunting energy, stimulating the viewer to look deeper. The sceneries in the photographs look familiar, yet they aren’t real. Time and place drench into each other, absorbing and distorting our concepts of reality.

Time Collapsing and Lines Blurring offer a way into unfamiliar dream worlds – but unlike most of our dreams in black and white only. The key sentence of Time Collapsing is “Not everything seen is real”. Various points in time collapse within each single negative and evolve into a new pictorial word – some of them smooth and gentle, others seething and tempestuous. Dream worlds burst into existence, seduce us to stay.
Lines Blurring again sets focus on the dance between dream and reality, but this time the single exposures take place in different countries. Miles apart their realities are united within a small negative – real, yet unreal; familiar, yet unfamiliar; lived, yet dreamed.
Within the third chapter, Truth Dawning, reality is drenched in unreal colours. Day and night collide forming a symphony of shape and pattern.

AUTHOR: Christine Miess AUSTRIA

Born in 1977, lives and works in Vienna, Austria