Brainfields – E-Musik komponiert mit Gehirnwellen2017-05-07T11:01:15+00:00
21.01.2017 - 19:00

19.00 Einführung in die Theorie

20.00 Konzert

21.00 Praxis mit Publikum

The Brainfields is a performance by polish composer Franciszek Araszkiewicz. It includes
compositions for electronics governed by real-time scanning of the activity of performer’s
brainwaves, as well as converting electromagnetic fields into sounds. Therefore, the act may be
considered as exploration and „sonification” of the layers of reality, which normally are impossible
to by experienced sensually. The technique has been used in various compositions including
Matchpoint (with Horst Konietzny, Munich 2015), Double Brain for networked brainwaves (with
Marek Chołoniewski, 2015-2016), The Overlook for organ and brainwaves (Cracow 2016) and
Study Of Brainfields (Warsaw, Vienna, Graz 2016). The performance will be preceded with a short
presentation showing the interaction between the activity of brain (including concentration,
relaxation and eye movements) and the occurring sound phenomena.

Eine Kooperation im Rahmen des Artists in Residence Programm von Bundeskanzleramt und KulturKontakt Austria.

Termin: 21/01 um 19.00 Uhr