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10.12.2017 - 20:00 Konzert

a reading performance with elements of a dance theatre, in German.

A touching story of love and separation, the struggle of feelings and duty, and of personal and societal, the conflict of traditions and inner aspirations are what anchors the immortal plot of Karagoz by Mukhtar Auezov.

A Kazakh literature classic, one that is included in world cultural heritage, sounds new when acted in German. While preserving all the beauty, pain and depth of the original text, Deutsches Theater gives it a new dimension and volume.

As a reading performance with elements of a dance theatre, Karagoz synthesises poetry and choreography where the metaphorical, picturesque and poetic nature of the Kazakh language is transmitted by modern dance – movements, mimics and gestures. Karagoz is a joint project by Deutsches Theater and Goethe-Institut Kazakhstan, a co-production by Natasha Dubs, a well-known theatre director from Kazakhstan, and Florian Bilbao, a prominent European choreographer, dancer and director.


Tickets: Freier Eintritt – limitierte Platzanzahl

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